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We developed a number of impactful videos for Swinckels Premium Pilsner & Bavaria.

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We developed a number of impactful videos for "Swinckels premium Pilsner & Bavaria". These videos are a combination of strong stories, cinematic content, motion graphics, animation and atmospheric sound design. We made these videos completely in-house, driven by marketing and data; fully in line with the campaign objectives of both brands.

The request

The goal was to entice hospitality entrepreneurs with the appearance and quality of Swinckels Premium Pilsner & Bavaria. The videos were used to support the account managers of Swinckels Family Brewers and were widely rolled out through various social media channels.

To reach the right audience, we develop these stories with a specific goal in mind. How can we translate the story and message to the various platforms without losing the core message? In this way, we go deeper where possible, but keep it short and powerful when necessary.This is usually not self-evident, but it is for Almost Famous. We tell stories that fit the channel, with the right tone of voice and for the relevant target group.

filming day on location

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