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Walra Case


We produced a number of impactful videos (TV- and Online Commercials) for Walra's 150th anniversary!

Walra 150th anniversary

Our beautifully crafted TV commercial for Walra was created together with Farma Volat to be showcased on RTL channels for two weeks. In designing the branding for this TV commercial, we took into account the values that have been essential to Walra for 150 years. Everything is centered around 'the power of softness', but presented in a contemporary style that resonates with today's audience.

Walra - The power of softness

For Walra, it's all about quality and comfort, and we've made sure this is reflected in every aspect of our production. We've captured the dynamic life of a young family, filled with responsibilities, a scenario many in Walra's target audience will undoubtedly relate to. The bedroom, as depicted, is the perfect sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of daily life, a sentiment Walra deeply cares about.

The goal of the video is to make people in the Netherlands more aware of their me-time and inspire them to take a moment for themselves. Walra's products add warmth and comfort to these moments. And what’s the best time for warmth and coziness? Autumn of course! Throughout the entire month of October, our work is broadcasted on TV and on RTL's online channels. We’re excited to create more video’s like these. Triggered? Contact us!

filming on location